While on the trip of a lifetime in Israel after being Baptized in the Jordan River on November 9th 2019

on the 3rd day after the Miracle of the ‘Heart Stone’ happened on 11.11.2019. You see, the Lord has been nudging me 

with GP’s (God promptings) to become a more faithful disciple of Jesus. It was my 3rd attempt to go to Israel when my prayer was answered with a word and a gift. The Heart Stone manifested on the Mount of Blessings in the West Bank at a winery in God’s Vineyard, Amen


It all happened after a biblical conflict with a fellow Christian on the Jonathan Cahn 2019 Mystery Tour.

After voicing my distain for the Muslim call to prayer being shouted across God’s Holy land, each time I heard it my spirit felt a darkness come over me.

So, I spoke these words out loud. “I wish they would just stop, this man sounds like a wolf in the wilderness” he was loud and horrible sounding across the valley.

Then, the spirit of Jezebel attacked. When a fellow Christian rebuked me for being disrespectful of the Muslims, she then said Christians have Church Bells why should it different for Muslims. I digressed… Well, I said this is God’s land and they did not rise up until long after Jesus walked on the earth and this call multiple times a day is the enemy attacking GOD’s land.

After a short debate this woman stated I lacked the Holy Spirit of discernment which she had as she turned and walked away. WOE! I was speachless 


I was devastated by her words so I turned, bowed my head in prayer at the picnic table.

Father, I’m so sorry if I got it wrong, I wish not to offend YOU or anyone pleading my apology, asking the Lord’s

forgiveness… PLEASE forgive me father when I heard the Lord speak these words:


“It’s Okay… I love you, LOOK!”


When I opened my eyes to the gravel trail before me (walked by 1000’s of pilgrims each year) with the sunlight over my shoulder. Jesus revealed this

little stone with a heart emblazed on it shining up at me. 


After a moment of shock and a giggle of disbelief, my wife asked, ‘Now what happened?’  

I said you wouldn’t believe me if I told YOU, As I continued to study the stone, take a photo and look up to praise GOD thank you Jesus…

then my wife asked again, WHAT HAPPENED!

After a moment to gather myself, I turned towards her and the others present that saw the attack. I prayed an apology after she left then heard

In my head these words “it’s ok I love YOU look!” Opening my eyes to this stone with a heart on it… here look they were all Amazed!  

All, who have heard this testimony seen the Heart Stone since confirm the message given was truly a gift from the Heart of Jesus!

(I could not make this up even if I tried! The stone is REAL this was the photo taken where the Stone laid on 11.11.2019)

  In the past I questioned if my prayers would be answered or if God was listening at all, well… I know better now!  He knows, sees and hears all…

When we Ask, Seek and Knock (ASK) at His door, He will reveal much if we are patient, listening and looking with a willing heart.

The Heart Stone Miracle is living proof of his divine authority and promises. The manifestation of His love poured out

upon me that day and to all who call upon His name… Trust that he is listening to your prayers

Jesus Loves YOU!


Jesus is OUR FOUNDATION STONE the one and only True Rock of LOVE!

I pray this testimony inspires you to dig a little deeper into your Faith with GOD our creator

and his son our high priest Yeshua Ha Mashiach our Emanuel Jesus!

Discovering the Holy Spirit of Truth is truly AMAZING

So Pray often… Listen intently… because you never know when you may hear Him speak!

“It’s Okay…I love you, LOOK!”


On the trip home after arriving in New York city I asked my wife if she would join me for another visit to the Promised land

No, she replied sternly as she departed for the rest room.

I closed my eyes in prayer again asking the Lord to forgive her for she know not what she speaks.

and The LORD then said “LOOK UP”

there on the ceiling was a GIANT RED mylar Balloon… You guessed it!


So I took a picture. LOL

When my wife returned from the restroom, I was still giggling so she asked.

Now what happened? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Then, I told her my prayer and showed her the picture…

Yeah Right, You took that off the internet she declared




She was finally speechless with Shock and Awe, but still does not plan to return to the Holy Land with me.

You can lead a Soul to living water but you cannot make them drink! Leave that to GOD! Amen


Well you would think that is where this story ended but, the Lord’s not finished with me yet.

Three months after returning home from Israel, my nephew Brandon and his fiancée called asking if I would officiate their wedding. 

UFDAH, I said I’d need think about it… after much prayer and consideration I decided it was a divine appointment from heaven.

How could I disappoint the Lord for this opportunity or my nephew and his fiancée. So, I called them with the GOOD NEWS!

 It wasn’t easy during the beginning of the COVID-19 CRISIS with court houses closed during the lock downs

But, I was VICTORIOUS and ordained as a Minister of the Christian Harvest Church on July 17th 2020. 

 Despite COVID -19 and 3 venue changes limiting guests to the wedding party only

they were forced into the wilderness Jacci’s aunt’s back yard


Brandon & Jacci Carlson 

Celebrated a beautiful wedding day on August 1, 2020 

The Lord works in MYSTERIOUS WAYS!


God’s Heart Burns with a blazing love for you. A love that never changes, a love that remains TRUE always.

A love that is waiting to turn your life upside down or should I say right side UP!

Declare this prayer over your life with me:

“Father, please grant me the Blazing Fire of the Holy Spirit

fill me with that discernment of TRUTH! Lord,

Bless me with a burning Heart filled with your Light and LOVE!

I ask this in the mighty name of your son Yeshua

our Emanuel my Lord and Savior Jesus”

Amen & Amen

If you believe in your heart, then believe as of this day that YOU are forever changed

The Holy Spirit Fire is more intense than anything that exists, stronger than death and more beautiful than life itself.

As you grow in the Spirit of Truth it Burns Hotter and Brighter through you for the Glory of Heaven!

Thank YOU Jesus! 

Luke 24:32
They said to one another, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road,

while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?”

Make JESUS the Eternal Flame that Burns within Your Heart TODAY

and get ready to be turn right side UP!


The Heart Stone Image Turned Upside Down revealed the Flame of GOD!





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